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Approved Genuine Parts

Genuine parts have been specifically designed for your vehicle. Each component has completed an intensive design and testing regime before coming to market and is the exact same quality and standard as the parts that are fitted at the KIA factory. This means that the parts being fitted to your vehicle can be guaranteed for the best performance, reliability and safety at all times.

In the event that your vehicle is involved in a collision and requires repairs or even if your vehicle needs general servicing and maintenance it is critical that you insist on ONLY KIA Genuine Parts to be fitted. These are the only parts that are approved by KIA’s factory backed warranty – by utilising anything else, you could be putting not only yourself BUT the ones that you love at risk! Consider the implications of a safety critical item like brake pads failing in an emergency situation.

KIA genuine parts have a number of telltale signs, both in the packaging and on the product itself, which our authorised dealers can detect.

Genuine Parts offer you the following benefits

Saving You Money

Genuine parts are exceptionally durable and as a result offer better value for money over the long-term operation of the vehicle.

Saving You Time

Genuine parts fit first time everytime. This ensures that the downtime of the vehicle due to repairs and maintenance is reduced. Furthermore, with an extensive dealer network and back-up service from the distributor the parts availability is ensured.

Saving Your Vehicle

Genuine parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and integrate seamlessly with your vehicle’s other components. These components are reliable, dependable and trustworthy for the purpose they we’re manufactured.

Fake Parts

Fake or non-genuine parts might look like the genuine article. Don’t be deceived! There is no guarantee that they have been engineered to the same quality, tested to the same standards nor have the same back-up service as the KIA Genuine part.

Furthermore, fake or non-genuine parts often do not fit correctly and although they may look sufficiently similar to the KIA Genuine Part enough to convince you that there is no significant quality difference. It is only through the normal load and mechanical operation, which will highlight the inherent weakness of these parts, either from poor design, flaws in manufacturing or the use of inferior materials.

Non-genuine parts come in many different variations and it is important for you to be able to tell the differences between these variances and the KIA Genuine Part so as to not get caught out.

Below represent the main types of non-genuine parts

Parallel parts

Are manufactured by the manufacturer BUT are not intended to be fitted to KIA vehicles that have been imported into South Africa. As an example, due to stringent SABS standards KIA South Africa only import European specification vehicles and parts. However, due to different legislation in markets that are not as developed as South Africa these countries import the General specification vehicles and parts. These parts are not made from the same composites and as a result may not fit correctly, may have quality issues and may not be safe to use for your vehicle.

Counterfeit parts

Are illegal imitations that are being passed off as the genuine article. Even through these parts could come in packaging that looks convincing as they have the KIA logo or may even contain barcode part numbers they are fake and have not been manufactured by KIA. Furthermore, these parts pose a major risk if fitted to your vehicle. Due to the substandard materials utilised in the manufacturing process and poor/non existent testing methodology. A general rule of thumb “if it seems to good/cheap to be true, generally it is”.

Salvaged / Second hand parts

Have been removed off vehicles that have been involved in a collision and “cleaned up” in order to be sold. The utilisation of these parts pose big risks to the end user namely, these parts may have been damaged in the accident, sustained wear and tear due to previous use and the structural rigidity may have been compromised due to the component being exposed to the elements in the salvage yard before being stripped and cleaned.

Aftermarket parts

Have not been manufactured by KIA but rather through an independent company. These parts present a risk to the end user as they have not been designed nor tested by KIA to work as an integral part of your vehicle so the they may not be able offer the same quality and safety as the KIA Genuine Part.

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